C5 Green Commitment Report 2022
09.10.2023 - News

Welcome to ArcelorMittal Construction's 2022 C5 Green Commitment Report, where we proudly present our comprehensive sustainability strategy.

Our C5 Green Commitment sets the stage for our journey towards carbon neutrality by 2050, uniting all our sustainable objectives, initiatives, and practices.

With construction accounting for approximately 40% of global CO2 emissions and steel production contributing to 7% of worldwide emissions, reducing our carbon output has become imperative. We recognize the urgent need to align with the European Green Deal's objectives and work towards a carbon-neutral future by 2050.

At ArcelorMittal Construction, we have embraced a five-step approach to foster a more sustainable industry. Our primary goals include decarbonizing our production processes and guiding and encouraging our customers to adopt solutions that reduce the environmental impact of building.

The C5 Green Commitment encompasses our overarching strategy to meet critical milestones, driving the decarbonization of our production and products, while also promoting circular economies, clean energy, and responsible waste management practices.

We invite you to delve deeper into the details of our C5 Green Commitment Report. By exploring our comprehensive sustainability initiatives, milestones, and progress, you will gain valuable insights into our ongoing efforts to shape a sustainable future.

C5 Green Commitment Report is only available in English and can be downloaded here