ST Evolution

The siding ST Evolution is a flat cladding profile made of pre-painted steel, stainless steel or aluminum. Reinforced with a polypropylene honeycomb and a back sheet of steel, the system allows to reach lengths of 6 m with secret fixating.ST Evolution combines flatness and modularity.

  • For use as a cladding system or as an exterior wall for double skin cladding
  • Concealed fixings
  • In pre-painted steel & stainless steel, minimum thickness 1 mm
  • In aluminium, minimum thickness 1.50 mm
  • In standard widths of 600 & 900 mm
  • Other widths to mm accuracy on request
  • Vertical or horizontal installation
  • With or without closed edges
  • Various locking geometries (V, HZ, JCB & JCD finishes)
  • Possibility of hollow joints between the boards via the JCB & JCD finishes
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ST Evolution
ST600 Evolution
ST900 HZ Evolution
ST900 HZ Evolution
ST EvolutionST600 EvolutionST900 HZ EvolutionST900 HZ Evolution

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