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Team 2 Studio voor de Bouwkunst





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Van de Haar Dak- en Wandbeplating


Bouwbedrijf Doorn


Company van der Linde - Emmeloord

Van der Linde BV is a local potato wholesaler. Over the years, the company grew into a major player in the carrot and potato industry, with a strong emphasis on reliability as its trademark.

Our products were used for a new building for the office and additional storage space for the export of packaged potatoes. The aim was to build a new beating heart for the company without losing its family character. A centre from which the entire company site and weighbridge can be seen.

Bouwbedrijf Doorn has delivered another fine calling card with this luxurious business premises. 600 square metres were built for offices and meeting rooms and 900 square metres of warehouse for storage of packaged potatoes. The new building meets the latest building standards, is gas-free and is energy-neutral through the use of solar panels, good insulation and a heat recovery system.

Together with the architect, we chose horizontally fixed Promisol S1000 Liss (flat) sandwich panels in Hairexcel 7021. A successful result!

Products used

3 Kleiweg 8305 AR Emmeloord