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Capuccino 47LA
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Prince Cladding


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Hotel and appartments Yust - Antwerp

Unique transformation from industrial building to hotel, lofts and more...

In the Harmoniewijk of Antwerp, an old telephone factory has been transformed into a true hotel and various lofts.

The project was named YUST, which stands for 'Young Urban Style' and is aimed at young adults who want to live flexibly in the city.

In addition to its use as a hotel, the building also offers flats, a restaurant, rooftop terrace, workspaces and can be used for various events. In this way, YUST not only offers a comfortable short stay, but also an affordable environment for local residents.

The project, which was designed by POLO architects, has been given a new look. The classic façade has been restored and a strong combination is created by using rhythmic ISIS point profiles for the structure.

The coating chosen is NATURAL® 35mu in the colour CAPUCCINO 47LA, which is a matt coating without light reflection. If required, the ISIS profiles can be customised in various places to provide a seamless finish.

Products used

6 Coveliersstraat 2600 Antwerpen