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Lacaton & Vassal, architectes





Type of building


Pure white
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Girard Hervouet


© Philippe Ruault


Plein Ciel, La Chesnaie - Saint-Nazaire

As part of a project to transform a non-descript high rise residential tower block into a luxury seaside apartment complex, Lacton
& Vassal Architectes sought to extend outwards with new floors that would increase space and offer spectacular views.

An important consideration was to fulfil these practical objectives without compromising the building aesthetic. The client, Silène, wanted a solution that was in keeping with the existing structure but would also add a modern twist.

Furthermore, to ensure that disruption to residents was minimised, it was essential that the renovations were completed quickly.

Our integrated composite floor system, Cofradal®, provided the perfect solution. Quick to install and lightweight, yet structurally
secure, the architects were able to utilise large spans to achieve the desired aesthetic without any major modifications to the rest
of the facility. The huge variety of standard colours available in our Hairplus® coating meant that the new floors and structural
works – all of which were made using steel – would add a stylish yet balanced flourish to the design.

Products used

3 Rue des Ajoncs 44600 Saint-Nazaire