3D Configurator

Innovation and customer service are two key pillars within ArcelorMittal Construction. To make our extensive product and colour range visualisable for our customers, we set out to find a way to make it really clear to our customers what a certain product with a certain colour would look like in real life.

We have therefore worked hard on a 3D configurator that makes it possible to digitally mount certain of our products on the facade. Would you like to see what a vertically mounted Eclectic® profile in Gold Perla looks like? You can! Or would you still prefer to compare how this Eclectic® profile looks horizontally mounted? That is also possible!

The possibilities are there, get inspired!

3D Configurator

3D Configurator

In our 3D configurator, you first choose whether to visualise our products on an industrial or residential building. Then you choose the desired product, mounting direction and colour. As an added bonus, you can also see how the product will look during the day or at night.

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